Medical guidelines

In partnership with Highland Data a very experienced organization of academically (medically) trained information experts has been formed. We have a long track record of working with many large and smaller clients for the customized process from needs assessment, idea generation, implementation to production and update management.

For our medical guideline production services we organize and manage the expert review teams, research & review the medical literature, produce first draft versions, initiate, gather, and process feedback, communicate between team and committee chairs, and guide and streamline the publication processes.

This approach delivers  simple & compact results for straightforward communication & sharing of knowledge. We focus on truly useful and easy to implement recommendations for clinicians worldwide.

With our production model important benefits are achieved: relatively short throughput times, transparent process & structure, predictable cost-savings, efficient use of expert’s time & knowledge, a sound balance between medical evidence and the reality of clinical practice , resource-sensitive global guidelines, easy to maintain ‘living’ documents, and greater visibility for a society or association and a higher impact for your society publications


Product Development

My medical degree in combination with information management training, scientific publishing experience, medical communication & education, and projects in an international business environment resulted in several strong product development projects.

Methodology: needs clarification, information gathering, problem translation, options & paths, goal & target, action plan & implementation

Strengths: quick understanding & open minded – rational & creative – personal & sympathetic

Skills: enduser needs assessment, software functionality, content requirements, SCRUM software development, enduser/developer liaison, creative solutions development

Content Development

Anton Le Mair’s track record of content development services for medical organizations and their intermediates include: database creation & updates, protocols & guidelines, evidence reviews, literature searches & alerts, patient information, conference topic selection & scientific programs, and CME content.


  • Search & Retrieval of relevant content from all available online sources
  • Selection, Capture, and Custom Editing & Information Tagging of selected content
  • Review of Clinical Trials and Published Evidence
  • Manuscript draft & Expert Team review.

Some of our larger contracts cover the content development for medical education and training purposes, converting and linking medical practice guidelines to CME content; this is based on our proven expert team-based process.

Content services developed for customers have satisfied needs such as: CPD needs assessments, literature database development, practice guideline production, and clinical trial trails.


Continued Medical Education and Professional Development are increasingly based on eLearning. Multimedia content has been added to traditional text-based content, and tablet and hand-held devices are becoming important vehicles.

Medical expertise and thorough knowledge and experience in creating, planning, and developing educational content and interfaces are at the basis of successful projects.